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M&R Stables

Our Mission

Providing safe and fun experiences with horses

M&R Stables is family-owned and operated, and has the goal of making all riders feel welcome and confident. We also ensure our horses are happy and healthy through a conscientious feeding and turnout program, along side professional recommendations from our top-notch veterinary staff at Bella Vista Equine.  


Enjoy the modern conveniences and cleanliness of a brand new facility, that has continued to evolve based equine and equestrian comfort since moving our horses home in early 2023. We have remained hands-on and observant, catering to wellness and comfort; always being willing to adapt so that our equine partners can continue to provide amazing experiences to participants who join us in the Horseback Riding Lesson Program.

We have carefully selected tenured and insured Riding Lesson Instructors who have many years of teaching experience, and specialize in growing your horsemanship skills both in the saddle and in the barn.

Each one of our horses is adaptable to different riding styles and skill levels, making your Horseback Riding journey enjoyable and varied as you safely learn new skills and build strength and confidence.

Join us, and take your horse hobby (or obsession!) to the next level. 

Our Story

Local, Laid Back, Family-Friendly Horseback Riding Lesson Barn

Barn Owner, Kristen, walked into a Central Ohio horse barn back in 2020 and has never turned back on her equestrian passion. Her goal was clear: to establish a family-friendly Horseback Riding barn, with low-pressure, affordability, and a welcoming environment. A place where riders of all ages can learn confidence and other life skills, and find the peace and serenity that can only come from interactions with these magical animals.

From the beginning, happy horses were the most important goal, with the barn gleaning its name from two very important residents: Murcie and Robbie.


The picturesque setting where the M&R Stables facility now sits, was once about 7 acres of pine woods. Once those trees started coming down in the middle of 2022, it was only a matter of time before the first horses were unloaded into the parking lot and took their first hoof steps down the center aisle.

Careful research and visits to several trade shows, along with trial and error have led to the beautiful stalls, arena, and custom turn-out track system that you see today. 

Constant improvements and adjustments are being made by Kristen and her family, with her husband Andy taking the lead on many construction and maintenance projects. The most recent addition has been a heated and air-conditioned lounge seating area for parents and family to watch their rider learn the equestrian ropes.

We hope you will enjoy the rolling pastures, woods, creek, and trails as much as we and our horses do!

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