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Welcome to
M&R Stables

Your Central Ohio connection to family-friendly, welcoming, non-competitive horseback riding lessons


Meet the
M&R Horses

Welcoming all riding disciplines

The horses at M&R Stables range from a retired Thoroughbred racehorse to an elegant dressage Warmblood, and even a laid-back Western Quarter Horse. Our instructors will help find the perfect mount for your horseback riding level and goals.

Everything We Offer

Group Lessons

Private Lessons

Fun with Horses!

Whether you or your child are beginner horseback riders, or you want to start your equine journey again after taking a break, the team at M&R Stables is here to help! We keep education, fun, and safety as our top priorities while we help you achieve your horseback riding goals, from physical fitness, to achieving a lifelong dream, or just trying a new hobby.

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